baubles1On Monday I awoke with a raging sore throat which progressed steadily throughout the day.  By the early hours of Tuesday I was gargling with T.C.P. – if you’re British and of a certain age this may provoke waves of nostalgia.  If you’re from less stoic times, it may well provoke waves of nausea.  This unsavoury insight into my week provides a backdrop to my creative output.

On Tuesday I did not knit.  I taught my toddler music group and then slept.  By Wednesday, after teaching my two classes (I’m self employed, so don’t really see sick days as an option), I couldn’t face the concentrated brain activity that my onion jumper sleeves required.  I languished in bed and did a bit of blog-hopping, and it was on Jean’s blog that I learnt that my two favourite Norwegians, Arne and Carlos, have started a blog accompanied by YouTube videos.  I chuckled my way through them all, and then decided I felt better enough to knit a mini bauble or two.


I’ve knitted a couple of their fairisle Christmas baubles before, but this time I just grabbed some leftover sock yarn, some 2.5mm dpns and started on some plain ones.  Nine baubles later and I’m feeling much better!  I do have a plan for these, but I’ll save that for another time.  I just thought that these excellent podcasts were well worth sharing with you all.  I think these guys are hilarious, and they are also providing free patterns and top tips to those new to fairisle knitting (and crochet, and random cardboard angels!).  I can’t wait to see what they put up next.  Takk Arne og Carlos 🙂



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