Missing in action

So much to report, so little time to write posts!

I’ve been helping my parents with lambing, and it’s been busy.  Lots of work, not much sleep and no internet.

This has been my home this past week


Yes – it’s as grim as it looks!  Certainly not a Connievan.

This is my view when brushing my teeth.


These are the ewes that have lambed already.  They lamb out in a field unless they need help, and then are brought into the barn for a night or two so that we can keep a closer eye on them.  When they’re  nicely bonded and feeding well, they are moved into a holding area and let out into another field during the daytime.

It’s a bit labour intensive, but a good, natural way for the sheep. The downside is that my parent’s house is a good 10 minutes drive from the fields so at least one person gets to stay in the caravan for the duration.  I go over for as long as I can to give my parents a bit of a break.  It’s mostly a lot of fun, although not so great in the rain.

Spinning for my onion jumper was completed in the nick of time, and I’ve knitted a repeat and a half.  Photos to follow.

I also had some very exciting results from some lichen dyeing – that’s another unwritten post.

Oh, and I toiled a prom dress.

I’ll get there.  Leaving my family to fend for themselves means an overflowing washing basket and a sharp drop in the already questionable standards of cleanliness in the household, so a bit of catching up is required.


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